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Disabled and namaz

Salaam sisters and brothers. I've been trying to get help regarding this issue I have since being a child and wondering if you could help. I am 22 years old and I am disabled wheelchair bound. My ...
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Is it haram for muslims with disabilities to have children?

my name is Alessandro and I'm a 25 year old boy, I've been a muslim for about a year. I have a doubt that I'm not sure I'll find the answer in the Holy Scriptures. I think it's a difficult question, I ...
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Will Allah will give a deaf & dumb person like me the gift of hearing and speaking after second world?

I am deaf mute and use British sign language. I am a Muslim brother. After I die, I am in my grave and Allah will give me hearing and speaking after second world? Is that correct?
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Facts about schizophrenia; Is the sufferer still accountable?

Are those who suffer from mental disorders such as schizophrenia no longer accountable for prayer and other obligatory duties ? Is there any hadith for satisfying the answer of this question ?
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Is masturbation permissible if marriage is not likely to occur?

I am a young person female who have muscular dystrophy which means I can't move my body and 90% depending on everything wheelchair bound. So my problem is that I have started get feeling sexual and I ...
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Is it permissable for disabled people to procreate?

Let's say one in a married couple or both of them have some sort of mental or physical disability (a serious one perhaps), and reproducing has a high chance of making the offspring suffer from the ...
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Classification of zina in difficult situations (here: for a disabled person)

As salamualaikum May i ask once again a (maybe two in one) question on behalf of my dear sister's name. A long time ago she agreed that if i think she intended to marry, i should arrange it or at ...
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Clothing and praying ettiquette for disabled woman

As-salāmu ʿalaikum My younger sister (17) has found islam al-Hamdu li-Llāh and now she tries as strict as possible to be a correct muslima in everything. She asked me to write some questions here. As ...
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Why people may be born disabled?

This is a similar question to one that has been deleted a while ago while I was in the process of answering, therefore I am posting this question in the purpose of helping others who may seek the same ...
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Does a disabled person have to pay Zakat or can he/she be exempt?

What is the criteria for Zakat for a disabled person who is in terminal illness. The person lives from her/his savings, which are used for medicine and caretaker but his/her savings (which is used day ...
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