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dhikr الذكر or dhikr of Allah ذكر الله literally means remembrance of Allah and may refer to praising Allah.

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How is tazqiya al qalb related to talqiyya al siir?

Salam alaykum. I understand that the qalb is purified to reflect and that talqiyya al siir is a stage after that but how exactly is the process? I read somewhere it's the remembrance of ALLAH ...
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Benefits of reciting Allah's Names?

I have read on many websites that if one recites a specific name of Allah then he will receive certain benefits, eg, saying Ar Rahman a certain number of times will "remove the defect of ...
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Is it permissible to recite any random ayah of the Quran repeatedly like a dhikr?

So I read that reciting the Quran is the best dhikr and there is reward with reciting every letter of the Quran. If that's the case, can I take any random ayah and recite it again and again as a form ...
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Doing dhikr in these manner?

Sometimes I use corn grains or beans as a tool to count dhikr. I know for example:there are 100 corn grains or beans and everytime I say 1 estagfirullah, or 1 la ilahe ilallah i pass 1 corn grain or 1 ...
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Ifi read surah Al Mulk and Ayatul Kursi, night dhikr and surah Ikhlas,Nas and Felek before sleeping but then I go to toilet should i read them again

Because Sometimes I nees to go to toilet before sleeping and then iam too sleepy to read all the suras again does it count if i read it just once?
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Are these narrations of Ibn as-Sunni authentic?

I have searched everywhere on the internet and I can not find any information about these following narrations that I will show. They are from the book "Kitab al-Adhkar" from Imam An-Nawawi, ...
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Is there a zikr that can erase major sins

I have committed major sins in the past but now want to achive forgiveness please tell me is there any zikr that can help me from erasing major sins? I will also do tauba
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Al wabil al sayyib

Is there a English pdf version of Al wabil al sayyib الوابل الصيب? If there is can you give me the link of the book. Thank you . The book by ibn qayyim
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Is it a Bid’ah to say certain adhkar everyday?

Would it be Bid’ah to do Salawat,say la ilaha illallah, say Subhanallahi wa bihamdih, say subhanallahi al-’adhim and to say Astaghfirullah a few hundred times every day and in that fixed order?
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Is it okay to say Alhamdulillah for bad things?

A couple got divorce and I said Alhamdulillah for that.I don't even know why I did that but I am really sorry for saying this. But the couple had a lots of trouble in their marriage. But still I am ...
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Mispronunciation in Dhikr and Kufr

I was doing Dhikr and I was saying Allahu Akbar and I put more emphasis on the L’s in in Allahu and not the A. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw someone ask a question about mispronunciation ...
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