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Questions tagged [dawah]

Dawah is split into four essential parts: The actual subject of Dawah, the one giving Dawah/The Da'ee (الداعي), the on being given Dawah/The Mad'u (المدعو), and lastly the Wasa'il of Dawah or the ways of giving Da'wah. Questions under this tag, will be asking under one or more of the four essentials of Da'wah.

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Do you need permission to download islamic videos from the Internet?

I watch Islamic videos on the Internet, I really enjoy them and I have learnt a lot from them. I am not sure if the people who uploaded these videos online got permission from the speakers. They are ...
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How do Muslims proselytize* in non-Muslim areas?

*First off, I realize that in many Mulsim countries proselytize is contentious term. In many Muslim countries, for example, it is illegal for Christians to "proselytize," by which it is believed that ...
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How do I convince my Marxist parents to allow me to convert to Islam? [closed]

I was born in China, where religion is allowed officially but strongly associated with ignorance and other negative aspects. My family, like most, adopt Marx's point of view and reject all religion. ...
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10 votes
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How to respond to those who say; Allah guides whom He wills and that's why I am not a believer?

During a conversation between me and my friend (he is not a believer) He said: That's why I am not a believer because Allah didn't guide me to the right way. I said, How do you know that? He ...
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How do I respond to arguments disparaging the religion or the prophet?

This is intended to be a canonical dupe-target for this class of question, which I see come up way too often. I've encountered an argument, either in person or from a website, which claims that ...
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Responsibilities of common muslim in spreading Islam

What are the responsibilities of common muslim to spread Islam? A common person is one that is not a scholar in Islam and does not hold any position within the government. Please give references from ...
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Isn't 42:13 saying that Islam should be established in the entire world?

He has prescribed for you the religion which He enjoined upon Noah and which We revealed to you (O Muhammad), and which We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus, commanding: “Establish this ...
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3 answers

If non-believers who haven't heard the message of Islam can go to heaven, why spread Islam?

If non-believers who haven't heard the message of Islam can go to heaven, why spread Islam? I've always thought they would be judged on other criteria. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Surely, we're just ...
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Is it enough to give dawah only to not fully practicing Muslims and not to non Muslims?

I want to know if it is enough for me to give dawah (proselytizing or preaching) to those Muslims who are not practicing Islam fully? Is it wrong if I don't give dawah to a single non Muslim? How ...
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Does Islam obligate us to give Daawa?

Does Islam obligate us to give Daawa to every person we know? Or does it say that at the end what really counts is the good deeds you did towards the people?
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Can any building be converted into a mosque?

I've heard that some Christian churches were converted into mosques after Islam spread to those areas and took hold as the dominant religion of the area. For example, the Hagia Sophia was the main ...
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Is dawah a type of jihad?do both have equal reward?

Jihad means struggle( correct me if i am wrong).can dawah be considered a type of jihad?
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