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Questions tagged [darul-islam]

Darul-Islam is any area where the laws of Islam are implemented and dominant. Use for questions regarding Islamic states.

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Raf'aulyadain of Ali Ibn Abi talib

I have seen many issues of dispute among scholars of islam of ahlul sunnah in case of rafauddain But the hadeeth of Ali ibn abi talib In Ibn Majah 717 abu dawood 744,761 tirmidhi 3423....the all given ...
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Does islam allow killing or enslaving civilians in war?

Lets say there are villages in settlements outside of dar al islam. Are muslim armies allowed to kill and enslave them by surprise if they are in dar al harb? Is asking them to convert or pay jizya a ...
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Are Muslim-Majority states required to have an Islamic Government?

Are Muslims living in Muslim-majority countries required to turn their countries into Islamic governments with enforced Sharia law? Or are they allowed to have secular governments even in Muslim-...
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What is the Ruling on the Apostate who flees to Darul Kufr?

If there is an Apostate from Islam who has fled darul Islam to Darul Kufr, then is it still obligatory to execute the apostate or is it okay to treat him as just a regular non muslim?
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