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Darood Ibrahimi

I have been listening Darood Sharif on youtube and I have notice reciter say Muhammadin and other reciter say Muhammadiv. As non Arab I am just stuck here. Kindly help to correct me. Jazakallah
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What is ruling of darood tanjina

I have heard some people talk about a Darood called Darood Tanjina, to recite in Quran Khawani (in south asia like pakistan ppl gather to read quran). I can't find a reference of that Darood on net, ...
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Did Prophet Muhammad SAW send blessing upon himself?

Assalamu Alaikum brothers in Islam, Someone asked me a question and I didn't have a clear answer to this. Please clarify it for me. Did the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW himself read Darood E Ibrahim ...
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Difference between Darood-Ibrahim and Salam

There has been a debate in Deobandi and Barelvi about Salat-o-Salam. While Deobandi say it is important to send salam (salat-o-salam) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as He can listen and emphasis of ...
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Thinking of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam during Namaz [closed]

I am a Sunni Muslim. Though, we all read darood in Namaz and know that darood-e-ibrahim which we read has Mahammad (Sallallo Alaihi Wasallam)'s name many times. I think of my beloved Prophet every ...
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Should darood be recited along with the congregational prayers if one joins it in the second. third or forth rakath? [duplicate]

If I join the congregational prayers/Jamaat in the second Rakat and said my prayer along with the imam through second, third and forth Rakat, should I also recite the Darood-e-Ibrahim along with the ...
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Did Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) recite Darood-e-Ibrahim during the salah?

Did Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) recited Darood-e-Ibrahim in salah? Is there any authentic reference stating that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) recited Darood in salah?
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