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4 answers

Is it haram to wear make-up?

Arabic make-up is quite popular but as far as I'm concerned, Muslim women should be as humble as possible in their style. Is make-up allowed? If so, to what extend?
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Is it okay to use makeup in front of one's husband and mehrams, women and children?

Some people say not all brands of makeup are halal, is that true? Is it okay to use any brand of makeup in front of one's husband one's mehram women children ?
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If beauty/grooming/health products are tested on animals, are they haram?

Many products nowadays use animal testing to determine the quality and effects of the product, or even whether or not it is safe for human use. This is especially prevalent with beauty and health ...
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Is make-up haram? [duplicate]

Tattooing and plucking your eyebrows is haram because you are changing the way you look. When you apply make-up you also change the way you look. You put make-up on to make yourself look 'better'. Is ...
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Can I offer my Namaz while wearing makeup?

My question is about that can I offer prayer while wearing makeup and nail polish, or can I wear these in general? My classmate says that if I did my wudu before applying nail paint then I can offer ...
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Can we pray with make up on?

Sometimes we do make up in some occasions or for other purposes, or in front our husband. In this case, can we pray with make up?
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2 answers

Is wear light makeup when going to family gatherings haram

As-Salam-u-Alaikum I want to know is it haram if I wear a light makeup when going to family gathering ( that’s all women) haram or not
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Do the lip balms we use have to be halal?

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, I would like to know, does our lip balms have to be halal in order for us to use them?
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