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Questions tagged [conversion]

Conversion is the act of converting (from an other religion or no religion) to Islam

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Legal effects of conversion

Converting to Islam has certain effects regarding the legal status of the convert in sharia. He is no longer a kafir, burial rites are to be read according to Islamic tradition, inheritance changes, ...
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Are Muslims more accountable for sins than non-Muslims?

Do Muslims get more sins for doing haram acts than non-Muslims as they are aware that it's wrong and shouldn't be done? also if someone want to revert to Islam but can't do the primary acts like ...
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How to pray while being observed and you are hiding your conversion from your family?

I embraced Islam recently thanks to Allah. I was brought up and am living now in a christian society, which is a very bad environment that hinders me from clinching to my new religion. My question ...
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How do reverts who were models cope with online photos?

How would a (famous) model or porn star etc cope if they reverted to Islam and wore the hijaab / modest Islamic dress but had a presence on the Internet or in magazines of their previous life in ...
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Taking Shahada with doubts

A catholic I know wishes to marry a muslim girl who has spent the past year trying to teach him about islam. He was told that he can only marry her if he is muslim, and he is willing to convert. He ...
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Can you be Muslim even if you struggle to believe there is a god?

I was raised with the belief there isn't a god, I want to believe but my mind doesn't really let me. Can I still be Muslim/how can I start to truly believe?
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Premarital Sex Before Becoming Muslim

As Salam Alaikum I am a convert to Islam and prior to becoming a Muslim I was an atheist. When I was younger I had sex with an ex girlfriend prior to either of us being married. I was reading Surah ...
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Reverting for marriage without belief

A muslim man and i are considering marriage, i would revert for this and live accordingly. However, i lack a belief in the islamic god, or any god, and do not believe that i could ever hold a true ...
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Is conversion mandatory for a muslim boy to marry a hindu girl?

Is it necessary for a hindu girl to convert to islam to marry a muslim guy? Considering that conversion to any religion is not to be forced on any person, how can this marriage happen? Is there a way ...
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How did Indonesia become Muslim?

In my kids' history books the Islamic conquests always seem to end around Pakistan, but clearly Indonesia is the most populous Islamic country in the world today. When and what methods did Islam come ...
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