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Can i get married without my dads consent

I don’t have any issues with my dad, i want him to be there and all that but I don’t want his consent to get married, or any man’s. I find it incredibly misogynistic, my consent is the only consent ...
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Consensual or Non-Consensual sex with Female slaves in Islam [closed]

اسلام عليكم I was reading about slavery in islam. The matter which striked my mind is Why a slave women will give consent for sex to her master who owns her because we know that she became slave due ...
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If a girl is not a virgin, can nikah be valid without a wali? [duplicate]

Me and my girlfriend want to get married but our parents will never agree just because I'm a Sunni and she is Shia. We really want to get married and not be involved in haram. If a girl is not a ...
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How can a child marriage be anything but forced?

EDIT: I am putting a bounty on this question. Therefore I added references and precisions to address the comments (some of which, I believe, seem to have been posted without reading this question). ...
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Marriage without the consent of father?

Is a woman of age 25 allowed in Islam to marry without her father's consent? Father is alive and not abusive.
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