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Nikah without parent's knowing [duplicate]

Assalamualaikum, I've deeply fallen in love with a girl of my age, We live far away from each other and meet very rarely. It's been around 2 years and she loves me back and trusts me completely. I ...
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Sex with slave women [duplicate]

We all know that Islam allows having sex with female slaves outside of marriage. My question is what are the conditions to have sex with the female slaves? If she does not want to have sex with the ...
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What exactly is the wisdom behind allowing husbands to have intercourse with prepubescent girls?

The option of puberty (assuming it can be exercised even if the contract was completed by the father) can only apply when the girl has reached puberty. This means that if the parents were to send her ...
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Can i get married without my dads consent

I don’t have any issues with my dad, i want him to be there and all that but I don’t want his consent to get married, or any man’s. I find it incredibly misogynistic, my consent is the only consent ...
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Consensual or Non-Consensual sex with Female slaves in Islam [closed]

اسلام عليكم I was reading about slavery in islam. The matter which striked my mind is Why a slave women will give consent for sex to her master who owns her because we know that she became slave due ...
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If a girl is not a virgin, can nikah be valid without a wali? [duplicate]

Me and my girlfriend want to get married but our parents will never agree just because I'm a Sunni and she is Shia. We really want to get married and not be involved in haram. If a girl is not a ...
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How can a child marriage be anything but forced?

EDIT: I am putting a bounty on this question. Therefore I added references and precisions to address the comments (some of which, I believe, seem to have been posted without reading this question). ...
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Marriage without the consent of father?

Is a woman of age 25 allowed in Islam to marry without her father's consent? Father is alive and not abusive.
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