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Is my repentance accepted if the sin is done again (cheating)

assalamualaikum My mom and dad got me into this Quran reciting school that we have to memorize the verses. I sometimes not ready to recite them to the sheikh so i cheat and read from the Quran i ...
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Is taking notes or pictures of notes and using them for the answers consider cheating

I’m having doubts if I’m cheating or not am I sinful
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Right of someone unknown

I am a 17 year old currently studying intermediate. The intermediate education is provided by colleges in my country. In my secondary exams (on the basis of which students get admission in college for ...
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Did I commit sin ? I am confused. My past is hitting me

Did I commit sin ? I had a boyfriend I broke up with him in 2019. We had some valid reason to break up. But after I broke I thought he cheated but I never caught him red handed. But many thing was ...
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