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4 votes
4 answers

Does Islam Permit Tax Evasion?

Given a question on how an Islamic state handles tax, I'm sure some people are wondering: does Islam permit tax evasion? Tax evasion refers to "trying to get out of paying tax that you rightfully owe,...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is cheating at schools/universities' exams haram?

I know that cheating is a bad act, but I’d like to know what the ruling of Islam is about it? In fact, is it a haram (forbidden) act or it is solely a Makruh (disapproved) practice? Is there any ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Marrying a second woman behind your wife's back: is it wrong and can Quran/Hadith prove this?

Salam alaykum. Please note that I myself am not in this position, rather I am in the position of knowing men who say they do "halal cheating"; namely marrying a second woman making the sexual ...
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