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Cat cant live outside and needs sterilizing to live inside of our house [duplicate]

We had a cat that we introduced to our house when he was 3 weeks old with no mother and a his 2 front paws are a bit defective. We tried to encourage him to go outside from time to time to get used to ...
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Is there any reward in Islam for looking after cats?

Salaam alaikum! Background: My whole life is falling apart, long story short I reverted to islam about 4 years ago. About 3 years ago I met my husband, we moved into my husband's auntie's house, ...
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Is there any hadith about having pet cats?

Asalam o alaikum. I would like to know if there is any Hadith about having pet cat in house . I've heard somewhere that there is a Hadith about it
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Cat touching during prayer - can I move him without invalidating salat?

I was taught as a kid to raise my finger when I'm reciting the shahadat and then stopped practicing Islam and now in my thirties trying to start practicing it again and starting to do the 5-daily ...
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How do I own a cat if Islam forbids it's sale?

I was recently made aware that Islam forbids the buying and selling of cats and dogs. lt was narrated from Abu Az-Zubair that Jabir said: "The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) forbade the price of a cat." ...
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Is it haram to neuter a pet cat?

My husband and I have two 6-month old kittens: one male and one female which we keep as indoor pets. I have concerns about the male cat, particularly as my husband and I are about to Insha’Allah have ...
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Whether cat's hair on our clothes make our prayers unacceptable?

I am a Shia and my mom read somewhere that the hair of an animal whose flesh cannot be eaten, should not be on the clothes used for praying. So, if some cat hair is on our prayer clothes, then is the ...
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Is giving catnip to a cat halal?

Is it cruel to give a cat catnip? Cats go after the herb by themselves, but too much can make them aggressive. Would it be considered halal or haram to give a cat catnip?
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