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parents dont agree for marriage on the basis of caste [duplicate]

aoa. i am a practicing muslimah, and I want to marry a practicing muslim boy from a good religious family. i talked to family about him around 2 years ago and they refused to even meet them because ...
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Caste in Islam is it wrong or right with hadith as well

Assalamu waalaikum, I would like to know if caste is portrayed in islam because I know it's forbidden in Islam but my parents say it isn't and we should follow our culture. Also could I please have ...
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Does Islam mention a caste system within marriage? [duplicate]

This question is motivated by a personal problem: I am in my late 20s wanting to get married to a good guy I know. We both are Bengali, Muslim; he has a good job, is on the deen, both educated to a ...
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What to do when my parents forbid me from marrying a girl due to caste?

I am trying to get married to someone I really like, and I have talked to her for 3 months now, not about anything bad but I know this is not the appropriate thing to do. I was not the best Muslim ...
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What if a girl is not happy with her parents' decision for her husband due to caste?

What does Islam say if a girl is not happy with the guy which her family found her, because of caste issues? The guy she likes keeps sending his proposal in the right way through the parents. And ...
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My father refuses to let me marry a boy because of caste; is "caste" an important part of marriage?

I'm a Muslim girl and want to marry a Muslim boy who is following Islam properly. So I spoke with my guardian (الولي), that is my father, and he refused the proposal and does not want to meet his ...
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Does Islam make any distinction by caste when it comes to marriage?

Does Islam make/suggest any distinction/restriction by caste when it comes to making alliances (finding a partner for marriage)? Additionally, does it allow or even mention about caste?
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