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Bohrā, also spelled Bori, in general, any Shīʿī Ismaʿīlī Muslim of the Mustaʿlī sect, living in western India. The name is a corruption of a Gujarati word, vahaurau, meaning “to trade.”

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Is there a process to become a Shia Muslim from Sunni Muslim?

I'm currently a teen Sunni Muslim who wants to become a Shia. I have researched myself and found that my heart is on the Shia side of Islam and I agree with more of the Shia side. Although is there a ...
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True successor of Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s [closed]

There are couple of differences prevailing in Shia ithna ashari and Shia dawoodi bohra sects. The most important one is regarding imamat after imam Jafar Sadiq a.s. Ithna ashari sect believes that ...
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Problem in marrying a bohra girl [duplicate]

I am hindu. My girl friend is Bohra from Udaipur, India. We have a relation of 4 years. We asked her parents for our marriage. Following is their response "As per quoran- A bohra man can marry hindu ...
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What is the difference between Shia and Bohra People?

I saw most of the Shia and Bohra people's activities are the same. But, I heard they had some difference between them. What is the basic difference between these two people?
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