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Mortality rate during child/adolescent pregnancies

This question is not on the morality of marrying or having intercourse with what we consider today a minor, as I have no issue with that especially when framed historically and geographically, rather ...
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Was the consent of female slave required to perform 'azl?

Does the master need the consent of his female slave to do azl? With the fatwa, seerah, and Hadith
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Is it permissible to take birth control pill? [duplicate]

I asked this question before but didn’t get correct answer. Both me and my husband don't want kids right now. We both agreed not to have kids for first 2 year. So i decided to take birth control pill. ...
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Is it okay to take birth control? [duplicate]

I am a 25 year old girl and just got married. I want to delay my pregnancy in short i don't want to get pregnant immediately. So i am taking birth control pill. Is it permissible?
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Having children in Islam/quran [duplicate]

Is having children in islam farz/wajib if you are married to a woman? Does Quran say anything about it?
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Does taking birth control break my fast?

I need to take birth control to keep things safe between my boyfriend and I but Ramadan has come and I am fasting because I am a devout Muslim and I am wondering if taking the birth control breaks my ...
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Is family planning permissible in Islam? [duplicate]

I am really concerned about what is going on in my country which is family planning to avoid children. Is it allowed in Islam because I believe what Allah has ordained for us will surely happen and I ...
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How can poor people afford many children with lack of birth control? [closed]

Many prominent Islamic scholars discourage popular birth control methods. But how can poor people afford to raise so many children? Also some women consider this as their violation of their rights, ...
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