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Can I dye my beard or hair black?

My teacher is an Imam of a mosque, he used to teach Qur'an and now that I have become older and we discuss many things related to Islam. So he recently asked me a question which I couldn't answer: ...
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What does Islam say about growing beards?

I have watched a part of TV show and the Muslim scholar was saying it is a must to let your beard grow and trim your mustache. I have always thought there is a kind of cultural influence and it is not ...
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Is shaving the beard Haram?

Is shaving the beard Haram? Is there any authentic hadith about it? What is the opinion of the Quran about it? (Sunni and Shia)
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What is the reason or wisdom behind the rule of growing beard in Islam?

In Islam, all scholars seem to agree that shaving off the beard is prohibited(Haram) and some say at least part of it should be kept. What is the reasoning for this rule?
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What is the sunnah minimum and maximum beard length?

Can anyone quote a Hadith on minimum and maximum length of beard in Islam?
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Does dying one's beard or hair black play a role in jihad?

In Ibn Hajar Haytami's list of "enormities", item 111 is: Dying the beard or hair black for other than jihad or the like. (Also mentioned at Islam Q&A.) Question: Does dying one's beard or ...
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What is the context of this hadith: "Trim your moustaches and save the beard"?

Can anyone tell me the context of the following hadith, when he (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said it? "Trim your moustaches and save the beard"
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