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Questions tagged [baby]

can be used for questions related to birth and children in their early days of life (infants)

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Islamic views on GENETIC ENGINEERING (ie CRISPER technology for personal gains)

I am currently working on a presentation for my school, tackling the ethical issues with regards CRISPER technology, where one essentially manipulate the genetic code and modify them for children at ...
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What time period is recommended between having children?

I have a baby, and he is 2 months old. I want some time (about 3 years) before my next child. My question is: what is the safest and an acceptable time period between having children in Islam?
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Is there an equivalent phrase to "A Child Made in God's Image" in Islam?

I am friends with a Muslim couple who are having a baby. I wrote a song to dedicate to the child in celebration of its upcoming birth. I know roughly what sentiment I want to give for the title of my ...
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What is the state of a baby who dies in the womb in the hereafter?

What is the state of a baby who dies in the womb in the hereafter? Will it go to jannah or not? Give answer according to islamic point of view!
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Permissible bath times for infants

Assalaamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathu ameen. I have a 3-month old daughter alhumdulillah. She finds it difficult to fall asleep and when she falls asleep, she awakes at the smallest movement ...
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children name with adbul or we can name without abdul with Allah name

asslam o alaikum ***Allah blessed me a baby boy i want to name MoizBari or we should add Abdul is mandatory to add
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