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Hypothetically: How to let someone to Apostasy? [duplicate]

I want to know how fellow Muslims get convinced to leave the faith, so I can defend myself from those attacks and my family? How do you defend yourself from those doubts ?
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How do Muslims know what other people around them are Muslim?

When visiting a mosque, it matters if the imam is really a Muslim. Otherwise, why would one listen to his speeches? When celebrating an important islamic day, it matters if the people around you are ...
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Conversation with an Atheist

Salam Aliakoum Newly I got an atheist friend and she want to get answers for her concerns: Where is your God when Muslim women get rd, or forced to merry violent men, get killed by stones and whip in ...
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Atheism mentioned in the Quran or Hadiths?

Does the Qur’an and/or hadiths address beliefs such as atheism (statements like ‘there is no god’)?
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What does Islam think is the problem with atheism?

All other religions such as Christianity are believed to have their books altered (as we believe in Islam) and other religions such as Hinduism are seen as false due to the ideas of demi god. However, ...
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Islamic mythology vs Greek mythology

So I have been reading some things recently by people like Bill Flavell and others. I Recently I've been thinking about all the stories about Islam like splitting of the sea, making a stick into a ...
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Being born religious argument

How do you answer the argument by atheists that you are religious because you have been born and raised as a religious person and you believe in the stuff religion has told you because it has been ...
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Since God has created us to test us with this life. Why couldn't God make every human know clearly that islam is the truth and keep this test of life? [closed]

BASED ON THIS QUESTION WHICH I ASKED BEFORE: if islam is the universal truth why is christanity still the largest religion on Earth? We know that not every non muslim has read quran or has got this ...
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The origin of God and Laws of Nature (Islamic perspective)

Atheists claim everything came into existence without a divine creator such as God. Muslims or other contemporary religions claim that something cannot come to an existence without a creator since it ...
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How to respond to "who created God" when debating with an atheist?

If I'm in a debate with an atheist and then it comes to the point when he says "Then who created God?", how should my response or answer be?
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Are people who are born Christians but become atheists regarded as Christians by Muslims?

If someone was born a Christian, but decides that God doesn't exist, Jesus was an ordinary human being, and that the Holy Spirit doesn't exist, and becomes an atheist, are they still perceived as ...
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In Islamic tradition, what actions or reasons will put you to spend eternity on Hell?

I'm a Catholic and I'm stuck with an atheist in a discussion regarding, according to the atheist folk, illogical result receiving the consequences of choosing not to believe in something, as in: I can'...
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In Islam, is Atheism considered a religion?

I had a small discussion with my friend Marc (here), and I thought of asking this in a separate question. Notice that I am asking in context of Islam, as the definition of religion is broad. In ...
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What to do if you stop to believe in Allah? [closed]

Should you continue to live your life as false Muslim or you should confront your family and friends and confess your situation? What does Quran say about that situation? What are the proscribed ...
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