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Can I sell my art with living beings on it which i made in a time i didnt know it wasnt halal?

So I used to draw a lot of Anime characters and living beings in the past, but now Alhamdulillah I stopped that because i know that it is not permissible. Can i sell my art with living beings on it, ...
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Are handprints or art made by impressions also prohibited?

Assalamu alaykum. As an example, if someone put their face in clay and effectively made a sculpture of a face with his imprint, is that haram to do on purpose? Please provide hadith or other ...
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Is it haram to make art to make a living?

Basically I'm a student and my lifestyle is too busy and lacking the transportation for a part-time regular job. I want to do something I'm good at, but from home. Where I can be my own 'boss' to make ...
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Making game characters (based on real people in history) for an educational game; is it Halal?

I am a game artist. I make different types of characters for a game. Our team is willing to make a battleground game where gamers can learn about history by playing this game. If I make different ...
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Can we draw illustration of animal footprints, human skull ,beard and moustache?

I'm learning illustration and I'm very much concerned about what are the things that are permissible in art in Islam. I know that any illustration/drawing of a living creature is prohibited My main ...
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Designing textbooks

Asalam o alaikum Recently, I came to know that art is prohibited in islam. I am confused is it art or is it drawing?. Both are very different things. For instance designing something requires art and ...
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can I keep and post my art of human beings on social media if I made it in a time I didn't know it was haram?

I used to draw pictures of living souls, but when I found out it wasn't permissible I stoped. but I kept them and still post my art on social media. I want to know if I should keep them, destroy them ...
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