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Regarding extraterrestrial beings

It seems kind of weird to me that humans could be the only intelligent beings in this universe. We are so small. Does Allah say that aliens exist? Are there any hadiths or verses in the Quran that ...
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Does the Quran support other unknown life? [duplicate]

Does anything in Hadiths or Quran or otherwise directly (or indirectly, I suppose) support intelligent life in this universe, besides humans [if they can even be considered "intelligent"]?
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Do you believe in aliens? [duplicate]

What is the right concept of aliens in Islam? Should we believe in aliens or not? Do they exist according to Quran and Hadith? N.B In stack overflow servey, I have to answer the question in the ...
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Are there humans or creatures outside earth? [duplicate]

is there statement about creature or human outside earth in holy Quran ? if we can travel to outside earth, is Islam apply to that person or only human in earth ? so if human exist in other planet ...
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Do Muslim sources address the topic of aliens?

Is the topic of extraterrestrial life discussed in Muslim sources? Could/should theoretical aliens become Muslims? What types of legal issues would arise if aliens made contact with people? For the ...
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