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Haraam or Halal? - Coke and Pepsi contain 0.001% Alcohol

According to Daily Mail: "Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain minute traces of alcohol, scientific research published in France has revealed." "They suggest that the alcohol levels are as low as ...
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Was alcohol permitted long ago, before Mohammad was born?

I have heard very long before, before Mohammad was born, alcohol was usual and was drunk by people. But after that it was stopped because people used to forget the rakat in namaz (salah/prayer) which ...
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Alcohol in perfumes?

I've viewed a few websites in search of an answer to whether alcohol is permitted in perfumes, trying to answer my friend's question. However, I can't find a definitive answer to this question; some ...
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Is alcohol haram or not recommended?

I understand that the common concept is that alcohol is is acceptable in islam, however I am struggling to see how we consider it 'haram' considering the phrases used in the quran. ... Indeed, ...
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Is it haraam to take medicine that contains alcohol?

Just like the title states, is it haraam to take medicine that contains alcohol?
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At what alcohol percentage is a volume of alcoholic seasoning/condiment considered haram?

This question is more specifically aimed at condiments that may have small percentages of alcohol (<1% alcohol) such as soy sauce and some types of mirin. An example of mirin STYLE seasoning that ...
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Does drinking alcohol led to forty days of impuriy in which no prayer is accepted?

I have heard people say that in drinking alcohol based drinks leads to body impurity for forty days and that no prayer gets accepted for forty days. Is it true? If so, am I forbidden to pray or am I ...
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Is it haram to eat food in which alcohol has been added?

For example would it be okay to eat a wine sauce or beer battered fish. I'm unsure as the alcohol has been cooked therefore you wouldn't get drunk.
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Why are so many things prohibited by Allah?

I'm still new to Islam. I am trying to get my head around it, but I sometimes end up feeling so angry because my head is filled with some many questions, etc... For example Islam prohibits us from: ...
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Is there any exception that consuming alcohol or alcoholic foods is OK?

Actually I have few questions relating to alcohol consumption. They are so related that I feel they should be at one place. What is the purpose of Allah in making alcohol haram? Is it OK to drink ...
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Is this hadith authentic? "Alcohol itself is prohibited and intoxication in every other beverage."

I saw this hadith quoted by Mufti Ebrahim Desai in an fatwa 6408: Furthermore, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, 'Alcohol itself is prohibited and intoxication in every ...
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Is it permissible to marry someone who dresses immodestly or is negligent in prayer if you can't find anyone else?

There are lots of married Muslim couples in the West but there is also a problem present for some of us. In the West clothing is not as modest as it is in Muslim majority countries. Lots of women wear ...
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Doctor told me to take Absolut vodka as pain reliever, is it haram?

I have a metal plate in my arm that was caused by a car bombing. I started taking tramadol to relief my pain but i got into an addiction problem with it so later i stopped. The doctor then told me ...
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Will molasses of grape be considered wine (and thus haram) after its expiry date?

It is a long time that I have molasses of grape (as a permissible drink or eatable food). But I kept it for a long time and did not drink it. At the moment, I'm worried it has changed to wine (to some ...
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Is it permissible for a Muslim to rent a venue for a wedding, where the venue has a liquor license?

Is it permissible for a Muslim to rent a venue for a wedding, where the venue has a liquor license? Such as the venue organising to remove any form of alcohol from the venue to host the slim wedding.
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