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Why isnt the offspring or progeny of Mirza Ghulam ahmed not Ahmedi prophets

The immediate offspring of Adam, Seth, was a prophet. Ibrahim had Ismail and Isaac as sons and prophets. Isaac had Yaqub and Yaqub had Yusuf. Dawud had Sulayman. From the progeny of Ismail bin Ibrahim ...
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Will Ahmadis enter Jannah according to the Quran?

99.9% of the time, whenever Muslims are confronted with questions like 'Will Islamic God send Hindus, e.g, to Islamic Paradise', their response is, 'Allah will forgive every sin except Shirk', and how ...
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Ahmadiya considered to be Non-Muslims , Falsifying the Islam [closed]

Asalamoalikum ! I want to know more about Why Ahmadiya are considered Non-Muslims? Can someone please provide me with extensive detail? JazakAllah:)
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How did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad make people follow him? [closed]

There are around 10-20 million Ahmadiyyas in the world. What made people follow the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? If a person randomly says that he is the Messiah, no one will ...
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Why do Sunni Muslims say that Ahmadis are not Muslims?

In comments on another question, System Down says "the rest of the Muslims believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's claims are false, and that he is a false claimant to prophethood" and links to a table in ...
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Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ever contract temporary marriage (Mut'ah)?

I heard from an Ahmadi (sect) person that once the prophet went to a village. His followers told him there is a really pretty woman who lives here. The prophet contracted Mut'ah marriage with her for ...
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What justification does the Ahmadiyya movement have that Prophet Muhammad wasn't the last prophet?

I was wondering how it is acceptable for the Ahmadiyya movement with not considering Prophet Muhammad the last prophet when that seems to be so central to Islam? I thought the belief that Prophet ...
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