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Literally translated as "People of Hadith" is a school of Islamic thought who believe that they are not bound by taqlid(blind following without evidence) , they can be either complementary or opposed to Ahl al-Rai, ("the people of personal opinion"), but seek guidance in matters of religious faith and practices with evidence from the authentic hadith and the Qur'an. In the contemporary sense, it also refers to a reformist movement which opposes Taqleed

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Can we question about topic in Quran? I mean publicly scholars would say Islam is all about questions bt when we ask they say accept what is written

For eg Beating of wives is not acceptable..but when i question it they would give me answers unacceptable. Similarly women not allowed to marry non muslim men when we question it they say accept what ...
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Can a Shia boy marry an ahl e hadith girl in the light of shariah?

AOA! I am Ali and my question is "can a Shia boy marry an ahl e hadith (Wahhabi) girl"? I have been asking this question in the light of Quran and hadith. According to the Shia point of view it is ...
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Ahlul Hadith or Ahlul Ray [ أهل الحديث و أهل الرأي]?

What is the difference between Ahlul Hadith(People of Hadith) and Ahlul Rai(People of opinion) from fiqh perspective in the sense how do they differ in ruling? , I read that Hanafi Madhab is the only ...
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