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Is growing a beard only appropriate for the elderly?

According to RFERL, in Turkmenistan Mosque-goers say imams have begun preaching to their congregations that growing a beard is only appropriate for older men who have reached retirement age. I see ...
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What's the age of account in Islam? [duplicate]

My 16 year old brother passed away recently. Would he be viewed as a child in the grave or tried as an adult?
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Why is 40 considered a prime age for this Ummah?

From Hadiths and other Islamic sources, I have gathered that Muhammed was given Prophethood at the age of 40. Also in Surah Ahqaf, Verse 15 (compare/see Sahih International translation) Allah says &...
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Aisha's age in the book of Ibn Saad

Salam. Is it true that Ibn Saad in Tabakat wrote that Aisha was 9 years old at the time of the engagement, and 12 years old at the time of consummation? Similar things are written about Ibn Hillikan.
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is it haram to lie about my age in surveys

Assalam Alaikum, Im 17 years old (i will be turning 18 in may 2021). I would like to ask if 1)it is haram to lie about my age on surveys and websites as such because they have an age restriction. I am ...
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Marrying an older woman [duplicate]

As by Islam can a Divorced older woman can marry a man whose age is equal or lesser than his granddaughter or grandson
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Is sex before the age of menstruation classified as zina?

After my arranged marriage my wife revealed to me that she has been depressed and an anxiety patient all her life. Trying to dig through the reason she revealed to me that she committed sexual acts ...
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Is it haram to fake my age online?

I'm 15 years old (about to be 16 in a month) and I want to make money online as I don't have time for an actual job during the school year. The problem is websites always want workers at least 18 ...
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Does Aisha witnessing her father's migration to Abyssinia imply she could not have consummated her marriage at age 9?

In How old was Aisha when she married the Prophet (s)?, Dr. Jasser Auda◊ writes about ahadith describing Aisha's age of consummation: ... Unexpectedly Allah's Apostle came to me in the forenoon and ...
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At what age does a person become an adult in Islam?

From Hidaya Foundation: The person should be Muslim, adult, sane, free (not a slave). They must posses a certain minimum amount of extra wealth (called nisab), fully owned by them in excess of ...
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How to defend Aisha's marriage age? [closed]

If we take the usual view that she married at 6 and then later consummated at 9 after her menses and the Prophet (saw) was in his early 50s we can challenge the non Muslim critic by saying why do we ...
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Is it true that Allah will not accept any one's excuses after 60 years?

There is a Sahih Hadith which claims after 60 years "Allah will not accept the excuse of any person" Sahih al-Bukhari 6419; Volume 8, Book 76, Number 428: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet ...
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Young girl punishment marry [duplicate]

I want to know if according to Islamic rule if young m girl kid has to accept marry the old husband and if she refuses she will get punishment, is it true or not
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Should 14 year old pay Zakat on benefit money that is being saved?

My little brother is diabetic and gets benefit money from the government every year that my parents have held for him until he is 18. This money is being saved with the intention it may go towards ...
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What is the exact age of Tamiz (التمییز) for children?

I have heard that it is better for men and women to observe some items or rulings (Ahkam) in front of the children who are at the age of Tamiz (التمییز). According to my researches, the age of Tamiz ...
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