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A form of Zina (illegal sexual intercourse) between a married person and someone who is not their spouse.

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How many witnesses are required to prove adultery?

Is it enough that two men see a couple hugging and fondling and copulating or do they have to see the actual penetration?
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Is adultery better than backbiting?

From this answer to the question What is backbiting and what kinds of speech are considered backbiting, I learn that backbiting is worse than committing adultery in Islam. If that's the case, does it ...
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Is IVF with Sperm donation or Egg donation prohibited in islam?

Earlier I read in many articles that IVF is haraam since it is an unnatural way. But now its considered OK but only with the fusion of sperm-egg of a married couple. I have a doubt that why is ...
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Can adultery be forgiven by husband or wife of a sinner

Penalty can usually be omitted or converted in civil penalty if the victim decides to forgive or to accept compensation. How are the regulations regarding adultery (according to any fiqh)?
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Which Islam groups are for death by stoning after adultery, and does this apply to every follower within the group in question?

I saw a video about one or two years ago which i cannot seem to find at the moment, in which there was a muslim speaker preaching about Islam to a bunch of children, whom were also obviously muslims. ...
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