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Is it permissible to touch, hug or kiss a family friend? [duplicate]

I am 15 years old and I have a family friend who is also 15 years old (20 days younger to me). We are friends since we were born. We know each other very well like our personal interests, habits and ...
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Being good friends with a female classmate? [duplicate]

I am a graduate school student at a college and am living in a dorm. Over the last year, I've become good friends with a lady in my program. We have not done anything romantic nor do I plan to. ...
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Why cant I have female friends [duplicate]

I am a male and have been trying to find friends and was told I cant have female friends since I might fall into adultery. But then how can I have male friends I could fall into bad things with them ...
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How do we know that the Qur'an has never been changed?

How do we know that the Qur'an has never been changed and there were no mistakes in human memory when the verses were being passed down from person to person?
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I'm 5 weeks pregnant from unlawful relationship, should I abort ?!

I am a revert to Islam. I have sinned as I meet a non practicing muslim man and have been seeing him on and off for the last 2 and a half years. We have spoken about marriage, thou due to his family ...
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Relationship and sex between a muslim woman and non muslim man

Is a relationship and sex between a Muslim woman and non Muslim man permitted in Islam?
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Is it haram for a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy to have a relationship?

I met a girl on social site and met her only once during her birthday. The main problem is that she’s a Muslim girl and I belong to a Hindu family. She refused by saying that her religion doesn’t ...
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Allowed to marry ' people of the book ' especially Christians or not?

I have heard drastically different opinions on this issue. So it is clear from Quran 2:221 and 60:10 that a muslim should not marry a mushrik (polytheist) nor a disbeliever. Now.... They have ...
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Relationship between man and woman without having any haram interactions before marraige [duplicate]

Is it haram to have a relation without having any haram interactions? If so then what a Muslim couple should do? It is difficult to marry as they are young but it is also difficult to stay away... and ...
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Are we allowed to have friends of the opposite gender?

I stopped my wife from having male friends online and also because of this I blocked all those people from her Facebook account. And whenever she talks to male friends I check her conversation and ...
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Is talking to a Non-Muslim opposite gender haram?

We knew each other from social media and we have been talking for years.. A few males and a few females.. (im a female) Expect one male, all others are muslims.. and its noted that now when i talk to ...
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