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What is the purpose of creating this universe?

This universe have so many things that we can feel and can't feel. What is the reason behind such a big creation? Allah states in His book: "Who remember Allah while standing or sitting or [lying] ...
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Can anybody identify themselves as Muslim? or there is a mandatory conversion procedure from a religious body? [closed]

Adaab Suppose person X want to take islam. Can they just identify as Muslims and start to participate in Islamic festivals etc? or it is mandatory have a conversion from a religious body? Additional ...
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How Aql is different from Qiyas?

In Usool-al-Fiqh Shia uses Aql or intellect as a source of legislation as mentioned in this answer- And the Sunni uses Qiyas or analogy in Fiqh. In my understanding, ...
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Forcing hijab on non Muslims

In some Muslim countries, including mine, we force foreign women to wear hijab, and we say "it's the rule." Now when a Muslim woman in a non Islamic country wants to wear hijab and the government ...
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What is the correct way to become Muslim?

I want to leave my religion and embrace Islam. I believe that there are no deities, no gods/goddesses, except the Supreme Being. I believe that God sent many prophets as His messengers for the ...
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How does one become Muslim as a Woman? [duplicate]

I am looking to understand this process for myself...
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What is the definition of Muslim according to the Holy Quran?

Is there any verse in the Holy Quran that provides a clear definition of who should be considered Muslim? Some extremist groups of Muslims use their own definition of Muslim and call some other ...
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What are the sources of Legislation in Shia Islam?

TLDR: What sources of legislation are valid in Shia Islam? Given that Shia Islam varies greatly (asharis vs. rafidees). I will explain by an analogy in Sunni Islam what I'm looking for. In Sunni ...
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Why is the jurisprudence (fiqh) of Sunni Muslims different than Shia Muslims? (Sunni View)

Well, Sunni Muslims believe in four Califs after the holy prophet S.A the fourth of which being the first Imam of Shia Muslims. However, they respect all The Fourteen Infallibles (not sure about how ...
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Is directly invoking anyone other than Allah swt justifiable, or is it shirk?

(as translated by Shakir) [72:18] And that the mosques are Allah's, therefore call not upon any one with Allah: [72:19] And that when the servant of Allah stood up calling upon Him, they wellnigh ...
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The Quran is commonly said to be the "Uncreated Speech of Allah", what does this mean?

Obviously the Qur'an is printed on paper; and bound into books. It does not refer to the physically wrapping. Also, Allah has no human attribute; when we say Allah is merciful; it is a faint ...