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Can we pray after sex if we didn't ejaculate?

Is it permissible to pray Salah if we have had sex but did not ejaculate? I am totally aware that we must shower in order to pray simply if we ejaculate.
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Is wudu valid after intercourse?

Asalamualykum Can I still pray after having intercourse even after doing wudu? I am a married man but not sure if I require a full shower/bath. Thanks
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Is it mandatory to wash hair after having sex?

i know that after sexual intercourse it is necessary to wash full body, but does that always include washing hair as well? can we sometimes avoid making our hair wet and only wash the body?
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How deep does the penis need to be inside before it's classed as zina and is subject to the hadd punishment?

I have read that zina that requires Hadd Punishment, only occurs when the head of the penis disappears into the vagina. If it only penetrates part of it, then it is not subject to Hadd punishment. ...
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Is it permissable to pray after intercourse?

Is it necessary to take full bath or shower after engaging in intercourse (or even a love bite and a smooch)?
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Is istinja' necessary for ablution?

Can someone please tell me that, is istinja' (الإستنجاء) for ablution is necessary or not? Istinja is the Arabic term for cleaning away whatever has been passed from the urethra or anus with water, ...
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Is istinja part of wudu?

I am confused if istinja is part of wudu because one has to perform wudu before performing salah but does this mean they have to perform istinja too? When I search online on how to do wudu, look in ...
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Is ghusl or bath required if you have erection without sexual thoughts or masturbation?

Sometimes I get erection in mornings but I do not masturbate or have sexual thoughts, it seems like my private part gets erection automatically, would I require ghusl? I don't think anything comes out....
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How to attain full purity? Please see details

Assalamoalaikum. I have a question in my mind from past few days. The question is that after having sexual intercourse or, say, after masturbating one does ghusl to attain purity. But what if some ...
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What kind of istinja is permissible in Islam?

I want to know what kind of istinja (paper/water/other??) is allowed in Islam in the following 2 situations: Situation 1: When someone is healthy/not sick. Situation 2: When someone is sick. Please ...
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