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What are the readings (qira'at) of Quran?

As far as I know there are more than one reading for Quran. Some say they are 7 and others say they are 14. What does that mean? Are there more than one Quran? Which reading is the correct one and why?...
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Quran originally without vowel marks?

I've come across the claim that the first mushafs (suhuf?) did not include vowel marks and sometimes did not even consistently use other diacritical marks to distinguish consonants. An example of a ...
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Examples of Quran verses that differ from normal recitation?

In the above highlighted verse which is from surah Hud [Ayat:41] مجرها is not recited normally. Are there any more such verses in Quran? For e.g. 1) I have included the image from the Quran which I ...
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Why would Muslims believe the Bible has been changed? [closed]

There are thousands of copies of the New and Old Testament, and yet we see that besides grammatical and punctuation errors, there is nothing changed in the New OR Old Testament. Then why do Muslims ...
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Is there a difference in the Arabic wording of Sura 37:12 among the various Qiraats of the Quran?

Here is the link to the various qiraats of the Quran Let me post the screenshots of sura 37:12 from 2 different qiraats and also their translation: Hafs qiraat: Translation of the hafs:* But YOU ...
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Are ahadith generally considered to be paraphrased?

While there are different readings of the Qur'an (see What are the readings (qira'at) of Quran? and Examples of verses of the Qur'an with two different readings?), they are consistent with one ...
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What happend to the second garden of the disbeliever?

In Surat al-Kahf we find the story with the example of the two men quoted in the verses 32 to 44. While at first in the verses (18:32-33) the speech is about two gardens, later on only a single garden ...
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Why is the quran as well as some hadiths considered perfectly preserved while other hadiths are not?

Salam everyone. I read a question about a proof of the authenticity of the quran : Can we demonstrate that the Quran is perfectly preserved? . In short, the answers and comments globally say it ...
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Seeking modern proof that the Quran hasn't been changed? [closed]

I asked this question a few minutes ago and someone said it is a duplicate to this but it is not. I want a modern proof!
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How many sacred months are there?

in 9 36 quran says there are four sacred months. Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of ...
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How are the "seven different ways" from Sahih Bukhari, book 61, hadith 513 reflected in Quran? [duplicate]

Sahih Bukhari, volume 6, book 61, hadith 513 (emphasis mine): Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle said, "Gabriel recited the Qur'an to me in one way. Then I requested him (to read ...
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