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How to perform congregational (Jumah) prayer? [duplicate]

I am a recent revert to Islam and I wanted to begin reading Jumah Salah at my school. I know how to read salah but I am not to sure about the stages of Jumah Salah. Can someone please tell me how the ...
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What is the exact manner to join the Salat Jamat after arriving late?

Sometimes there is a scenario that Salat ba-jamat has been started and one person arrives at a time such that his one or more Rakat's are missed. Then in this situation what is the exact ruling to ...
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How to be a proper Imam in a congregation of fardhu correctly? (Leading of Prayers)

Assalamu Alaikum all I'm new here and I can't find any questions that is related to "How to be an Imam." Just would like to establish that my question is here for my own setting (and hopefully for ...
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What are the rules for reading 4 rak'a fard with jamat or alone?

Assalamoalaikum when we read 4rakah fard salah,should we be reading any surah after surah Fatiha in every rakah or just read in the in the first two rakah only then read surah Fatiha in 3rd and 4th ...
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Do we have to say 'Allahu Akbar' loudly in every rakat of every salat?

Do we have to say 'Allahu Akbar' loudly in every rakat of every salat (prayer)? Or is it necessary in some specific salat or rakat?
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How can we offer Fard Namaz with just two people

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters, We offer namaz in office whenever we get time..and sometimes its like we are only two who offer one of the guy act as imam.My question is how can we ...
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Struggle to keep up with the Imam during prayer at the mosque

I struggle with reciting prayer in my head. I can say it out loud but when it comes to saying it in my head it is very hard. I can't explain why. It just is. It will take me almost an hour to do it ...
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Confusion on Imam leading the prayer

Salam, I am a 2nd yr HS student in the US. In my school, we have this place of prayer where we all gather around to Pray. It led by one of our students who takes the role of the Imam. Usually in ...
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What should I do about OCD difficulties leading to lack of focus during prayer?

I struggle finishing sallah due to not being able to focus (not on purpose) when people are talking. And I make mistakes and sallah takes me hours a day to finish due to repeating over and over. No ...
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How do we know how to perform salat?

where does our knowledge of rulings concerning salat comes from. What are the relevant hadiths and Quran verse that tells us how to perform salat And How do we know which part of salat is fard and ...
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