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Should I follow the prayer times of an app or from the local masjid? [duplicate]

I am currently residing in Dublin, Ireland for work purpose. I have downloaded Salatuk app from Android play store and follow that for Salat as we do not hear Azaan here and the place is new to me. ...
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How many minutes before each prayer would be a suitable warning time?

Can you tell me how many minutes before each prayer ends would be suitable to warn a user of a prayer application? I would like to do this for these salats: Fajr Dhuhr Asr Magrib Isha For some of ...
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Do the prayer times change throughout the month? If so, is it bad to pray too early or late?

I'm new to praying and i'm still learning how to, and the fact that when i look up prayer times it comes up with ones for that particular date only confuses me. i just want to pray but i dont want to ...
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Different Fajr prayer time which one to follow?

OK so I just download an app and for prayer time it is showing a large amount of prayer calculation hubs like:- Muslim World League - 04:52 AM ISNA - 5:06 AM Musulamns de France - 05:19 AM So which ...
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Prayer times calculation organisations differences?

Salam Alikum brothers, I live in a small city with no mosques in it, it is 1.30 hours drive from Chicago, IL . I know there are 5 methods to calculate prayer times Muslim World League Egyptian ...
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There were no clocks 1400 years ago, why do we care so much about exact timings of Adhan and prayer, etc time today?

This has been bugging for like a lot lately. back in the day, I mean 14 centuries ago, there were no clocks, etc, people would simply look at the sky and if they felt it was morning or noon or what ...
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Can I do prayer at this time?

So I am a Muslim, I use the Hanafi fiqh (so does the rest of my family), and I use ‘Islamic University of Sciences, Karachi’ as my calculation method (because it matches with Abu Hanifa’s opinion), ...
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Much ado about moon sighting

In this modern era . we (NASA and other organizations) can very easily know the relative position of moon through modern setups. Like scientists predicts the solar and lunar ...
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What is the prescribed time to start fasting from?

What is the prescribed time to start fasting from? I have heard that when azan is listened, sahri time is not ended yet. Thanks
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Is prayer valid if one prays it later than the prescribed time due to ignorance of prayer timings?

I have written a question previously on how to calculate prayer times. Now I seem to have found even more methods and sthis is just confusing me. I am worrying that I may think Maghrib ends at one ...
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Different day of Eid around the world?

Why we do have different day of Eid around the world. I have seen mostly in our country we have Eid day one day after Saudi Arabia. what is the reason for that?
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Adhan and timings of prayer

I live in a place where i could barely listen to the adhan. So, i chose an alternative app for my prayer timings. I completely follow my mobile adhan like mosque. Also, I have verified the timing as ...
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How to know when to pray?

Nearly every single mosque or prayer time table web site has different timings, that differ between each other in hours, therefore how would I know whether I am praying too early or not? Due to the ...
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What to do when Isha times on mosque calendar is wrong?

2 days ago, I was going to pray Isha. The mosque timetable said Isha starts at 10:38. However, Isha starts when twilight finishes. رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم عَنْ وَقْتِ الصَّلَوَاتِ فَقَالَ ‏...
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How do Isha/Fajr times work in the summer?

new revert here. I've been trying to wrap my head around prayer times and I've looked through salah times throughout the year in my location. For example, on one day in late June, when days are the ...
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