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What is the Islamic response to the atheist demand for 'proof' of God?

Can a Muslim prove to an atheist or an infidel that God actually exists? As far as I know most atheists will argue that since they can't hear, see or feel God then He doesn't exist.
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Why did Allah create hell?

If Allah is so merciful why did he create hell? Would you put somebody that you hate the most in hell to burn for eternity? I just don't see the reason of hell.
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Do people who never convert to islam still go to hell even if they believe in God?

Will God punish people for not being Muslim? If they ask for forgiveness, repent, and never repeat the same sins will they still be sent to hell for not being Islamic? Or if they refrain from drinking ...
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What are Allah's mercy and justice, and how do they relate to each other?

In the comments to this answer, someone claims that nothing can be deduced from the statements that Allah is described as Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, and Al-'Adl without textual proof about the way those ...
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If Allah S.W.T created us so he created our brains which will determine our acts and our decisions, then why we will be punished for our mistakes?

I can't stop thinking about that question since i first has been asked it from an atheist. I am a Muslim and I believe none has a 100% belief in Allah s.w.t even me, and that is because the logical ...
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What is an academic understanding of Islam from a non-Muslims point of view?

I am not sure if this is question is off topic, but surely it is related to Islam or the understanding of Islam. The question is, What would be an academic understanding of Islam, from a non-Muslims ...
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Is attributing evil to Satan heresy?

My friend from Turkey said the following: ...even attributing evil to satan is heresy... both good and evil comes from god in islamic faith... While she's not a Muslim, she is quite knowledgeable ...
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How the teaching of Islam explains why some people suffer and go to Hell etc?

Recently I read something like "If God is All Loving and God definitely has the power why doesn't he simply make everything good and stop all this suffering". Also I am pretty sure that I heard that "...
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Is there any sect in Islam that don't believe Hell is eternal?

My impression from reading this post is that in Islam, at least the majority of the sects, believe that Hell is for those who heard the gospel of Islam but choose not to believe Torture in Hell is ...
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What notions of "free will" and "qadr" exist in the different theological sects? [closed]

There are a number of questions regarding the free will vs. qadr juxtaposition on the site already (see e.g. this one on whether humans have free will in faith, this one about free will vs qadr, again ...
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