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Does dripping urine break Wudu?

Sometimes after you have finished urinating, it may happen that you drip in your pants right after you perform Wudu or before you go for prayer. So I wonder if it breaks the Wudu; what about the ...
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Which things break the wudu?

I am confused over the fact that roaming in house where kids, mom or sister in law or sometimes guests in your boxers, can break your wudu? I am generally living alone, and mostly want to be ...
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If I put on clothes with dry najasah (dry impurities), will my wudu be broken?

For example, let's say I'm wearing fresh clothes and then I perform wudu and offer salah. After I complete my salah, I change my clothes and put on trousers that have traces of dry urine on it. So, ...
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Is it permissible to re-use the water that has been already used [by myself] for ablution?

At times, I get this feeling that while making ablution / وضو it would be nice if I could collect in a container and use the ablution water a second time [for my ablution], specially seeing that water ...
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Permissibility of Ghusl or wudu from dirty river water?

Can ablution and bath be done from a river full of dirt?Is swimming in it enough for a valid bath.
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Is prayer acceptable if my wudhu breaks?

My wudhu breaks if I had gone to the toilet just before that, but if I wait for 20-30 minutes then it is not a problem. Even in some case, it still breaks. Will my prayer be accepted, if it breaks ...
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Airport dogs checking our bags

Assalaamu Alaikkum.., I'm Fathima mother of two kids and 7 months pregnant. I'm suffering with waswas problem regarding najasa.. It often comes and goes... last few days I'm having severe waswas ...
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How to deal with droplet issue with prayer?

I want to ask a common man question: if a person having droplets throughout the day, can he offer his prayer? If not, then how to get rid of this thing to perform his prayer?
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How can I ensure my prayer is accepted when I encounter impurities from a shared school bathroom?

If somehow urine splits onto my pants and then it becomes dry and then I touched that part with wet hand, is my hand impure? Again if the dry part again comes in contact with water and becomes wet and ...
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If you have continuous gas during prayer, can you purposely let it out?

I have this very embarrassing problem with gas and anxiety, and it is continuous and affecting my prayer. I am physically so exhausted and tired because every time I pray I have to hold it in. I know ...
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