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Do Sunni Muslims consider whole Bukhari as 100% authentic? [duplicate]

If there are some discrepancies in a few narrations in Bukhari Sharif then how do people define some narration to be manipulated and if some are manipulated then what about credibility of all others ...
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What are the requirements of a "Sahih" hadith?

Building off of the answers to this question, what are the requirements for a hadith to be considered "sahih"?
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Does magic exist in reality?

I hear and read a lot about magic in islam, but I've never known anyone who knows how to do it? Does Islam have some sample magic that one can try out? For example, I was given a Quranic cures book ...
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Can any hadith truly be called sahih anymore?

As is known, the majority of hadith literature available today was compiled well after the death of the prophet, due in part to the nigh-unmanageable number of questionable or downright fabricated ...
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Can animals see the angels and jinn and hear the cries of the dead?

I recently heard a Sunni hadith that said roosters can see the angels at the time of fajar and that is why they make that sound of theirs. And also donkeys cry when they see jinn or the shaithan. I ...
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What are those Grade means? Sahih (Darussalam)

For Hadith, What are those Grade means? Often they are shown like not only Sahih or Daif. How to understand the hadith is weak or 100% sahih or medium sahih? How do you verify a hadith if weak is or ...
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Is Allah a tyrant?

There are certain things in Islam that I don't fully agree with or find difficult to accept, simply because they defy logic and may appear at times too cruel and makes Allah a tyrant God.. for example:...
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Authenticity of Book

Assalamou 'Alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh.. 1) What is the authenticity of the book "Al Ghuniya At Taalibeen" ? 2) Did Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani author this book ? 3) Some people say that ...
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Which are the Sahih hadith books?

Some of them are saying that Sahih Al-Buhari and Sahih Muslim are the only sahih hadih books. Than what about the books like Thirmidhi and Abu-Dawud etc.
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Believing in Hadith

Muslims believe in the Quran, that it's the very words of Allah, and that it's Him who protect it. Now my question is whether the Islamic hadith and, in particular, those compiled in Saih Bukhari, are ...
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Did al-Bukhari and Muslim always follow their so called conditions?

In my answer on What are the terms of that which has reached Tawatur? I've tried to address the topic of the conditions of al.-Bukhari and Muslim. I've also posted a related question: What exactly ...
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The Prophet Muhamamd (s.a.w) pardoned a apostate from Islam? [duplicate]

We know that the majority of scholars say if anyone leaves the religion of Islam the punishment is death but according to this hadith he pardoned them can you explain this hadith? Narrated Jabir: ...
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What's the historical development of ahadith book of Bukhari? [duplicate]

What's the historical development of ahadith book of Bukhari ? Are we sure that the version we have today is the same as the first version? Original Copies of Muhammad al-Bukhari's Books? <- ...
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How are the "seven different ways" from Sahih Bukhari, book 61, hadith 513 reflected in Quran? [duplicate]

Sahih Bukhari, volume 6, book 61, hadith 513 (emphasis mine): Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle said, "Gabriel recited the Qur'an to me in one way. Then I requested him (to read ...
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