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Is it haram to visualize having sex?

Is it haram for an unmarried girl to think about having sex? By this I mean seeing herself having sex with a guy who she finds attractive and thinking about how it would feel if the were a married ...
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Is pornography allowed in Islam?

The title asks it all. Is porn allowed in Islam?
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Is it permissible to just listen to the sound of porn?

Would it be halal if I just listened to it without masturbating or fantasizing about it? Please mention verses from Quran and Hadith, not just your personal opinion.
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How to stop a toddler from masturbating?

I've been bought up in a culture where masturbation is a dirty disgusting thing, something which you never do, never talk about, and never even think about, and I have always thought that islam ...
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Will I be forgiven if I can not control masturbation?

I have recently converted to Islam, earlier I was an atheist and did very bad things, now I have changed and for the good, I am full of empathy and piety and help people. I have completely withdrawn ...
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I am unmarried, how to keep myself clean? [closed]

Every day I told myself how to protect myself, every day one or two opportunities comes to do bad things, I mean a sin like Zina or other things that brings me closer to adultery. There is a very big ...
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is it permissible for a teenager to watch porn?

I f a teenager is desperate knowing sex is haraam before marriage and he or she cannot suppress their desires is it permissible to watch porn instead?
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Is there a non-haram way for a teenage Muslim to pleasure himself?

I don't masturbate or watch porn or any of that nasty stuff, but sometimes I get a really big temptation to do it. Granted i do resist, but I don't think I can for much longer. Is there any non-haram ...
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Masturbating while thinking of someone

If I am very hot and horny (sorry for language) and I want to have sex with somebody. Instead of this to stop myself for doing zinaa I'm going to masturbate. According to fiqh it is better to do the ...
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how can i fix myself as a muslim? [closed]

Brothers and sisters I am a 14 year year old boy who is addicted to masturbation. Here is my story. Ever since I was seven, I lied to my parents about praying. I hated the Quran and Allah (...
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I heard its okay to have bisexual thoughts but never ever persue it. What is considered "acting on it"?

No one knows I'm attracted to the same gender I'm a teen, so I'm obviously very attached to my phone. I have read lesbian stories on Wattpad (ebook app) and watch some lesbian youtubers on youtube. ...
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