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Is it permitted to not get married?

Marrying is not a farz in Islam. What if someone chooses not to get married and keep fasting to control desire?
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Is it an obligation for everyone to marry? [duplicate]

Is it an obligation for everyone to marry? In my case, I want to live lonely and not marry but I don't Know or Islam allows a person to not marry.
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Is it haram to choose to never marry? [duplicate]

I just honestly fear getting married. My parents got divorced and it was very traumatic to witness such problems at a young age. Would it be haram to consciously choose to not get married and have ...
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Is it a sin to remain single? [duplicate]

Is it a sin not to marry and remain single out of choice? If you feel that you don't want to marry and prefer to remain unmarried is it counted as a sin?
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Is it compulsory in Islam to get married? [duplicate]

Is it compulsory in Islam to get married? I'm 32 years of age, and for some reason, I did not get married somehow. Parents negligence were the main reason of delaying, but now they are looking for ...
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Marriage after conversion [duplicate]

Suppose you just have been converted at an old age, let s say between 50 -60 years old and you are single. Should you get married and get children? If so, then your children will consider you as their ...
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Celibacy - halal or haram? [duplicate]

Recently, I've been considering lifelong celibacy for several personal reasons. To my understanding, Islam generally deems celibacy to be unfavorable, but not necessarily haram, because some Muslims ...
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What is Islam's view about women's freedom of taking decision to stay spinster? [duplicate]

Can a Muslim woman choose not to be get married irrespective of her family's stances? I mean is it sinful for her if she wishes to remain unmarried?
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Does God allow a person to stay a bachelor throughout his life in Islam if he cannot manage the responsibility of marriage? [duplicate]

In Islam, there is a lot of importance to marriage. If a person cannot manage the responsibility of marriage as he has some problem in his life that he cannot get married at all, is it the will of ...
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Is it okay not to get married due to being an ex-porn watcher? [duplicate]

I'm an ex-porn watcher, I've lost a lot of my dignity recently I have been told by people that do not know I watch this filth that porn permanently ruins your marriage and you can't fix it even if you ...
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Is it necessary for a woman to marry? [duplicate]

Is it necessary for a woman to marry once in her life? is there any punishment for her if she doesn't marry anyone? Question: I heard from some one that it is asked not to offer that woman's ...
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Is it acceptable for a Muslim boy to never get married, instead travelling the world writing books? [duplicate]

I don't want to get married ever. I am a Muslim boy who knows marriage is Sunnah, but I just don't want to spend my life raising kids. I want to travel the world, write books and remain single. I am ...
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