Is it permissible to pray Salah if we have had sex but did not ejaculate? I am totally aware that we must shower in order to pray simply if we ejaculate.

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    I read in a book that Ghusal becomes obligatory if the penis enters the vagina to an extent that the head of the penis also knowns as glans penis gets covered by the vagina.
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According to majority of scholars, If the male organ enters woman even once, then Ghusl is obligatory on both. Ejaculation is not the condition for Ghusl, entering into woman is.

Also, If ejaculation happens without penetration, even then ghusl is fard. So in both cases ghusl is fard. So, you must do ghusl before praying, otherwise prayer will not be valid.

If there was no actual penetrative intercourse, and no ejaculation / orgasm, then ghusl (bath) is not required. If only one of the couple experienced orgasm / ejaculation, then that individual is required to perform ghusl. If there was penetrative intercourse, then both man and woman must perform ghusl, even if there was no ejaculation nor orgasm.

Reference: Qibla.com

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No, it is mandatory to perform ghusl-e-janabat after intercourse even if you have not ejaculated. If water is not available or harmful for you , you must do tayammum.

[Note: The answer is from a shia perspective.]

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    Sunni view is the same Commented Jan 15, 2014 at 17:55

No, it's not permissible to pray after having sex even without ejaculating, unless you perform ghusl al-janabah. The Prophet (PBUH) said (this hadith in Sunan Ibn Majah)

“When the two circumcised parts meet and the tip of the penis disappears, then ghusl becomes obligatory.”

And in Sahih Muslim:

“When a man sits between the four parts (arms and legs of his wife) and the one circumcised part touches the other, then ghusl is obligatory.”



Whether ejaculation has occurred or not, ghusl/shower is a must for prayer. Because we should try that our prayer should be offered in a clean state.

So ghusl is must in all such cases.

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