Assalamau Alaikkum. I'm married and working. I got married before 2 years. My husband is good and he does five times prayer. But when it comes to money he behaves differently. He wants my full salary. He had blocked my online bank account. I mean he has changed the password for internet banking and he is not sharing the password. If I ask him the password, he says no I'm your husband I should take care of all your expenses and everything and your duty is to go office and come like that. But I think as per the rule he doesn't force me to give my money to him. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't even know how he spends my money and for what he spends. If I ask he will say I don't have to say all to you, no such rule like that. I don't have freedom at all though I'm earning. Please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere and suggest me what should I do.

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    This sounds more like a communication and trust issue rather than a problem with knowing the religious ruling on the matter. My advice is to figure out what the real problem is and address that. – Ansari Oct 11 '13 at 22:44

In Islamic law, the burden of nafaqa (providing for the family) lies with the man and not with the woman. This in effect gives the woman full control of her own money, and thus it is unlawful for a husband to demand money from his wife even though the wife my lawfully demand money from him.

Online fatwas on the matter:

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