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I've had many arguments with non-Muslims about Islam, and they always bring up the homosexuality topic and its punishment and view in Islam; As I'm just a common person with no deep knowledge of Islam, I usually answer them by pointing out that I'm not entitled to justify Allah's motivations.

The issue here is that I have to come up with a purely logical reason to convince them that homosexuality is wrong in the modern societies(as they don't believe in Islam, nor god). However, after doing a small research, the only applicable argument I came up with is Ahmad Al Deedat's speach on the topic, although it was I need more convenient reasons and arguments to assist me in proving my point.

  • it would be better if you include the answers you recieve, or arguments that you are not able to explain, like what do the arguments from opposition prove, how do they explain it's valid
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's not a question about Islam, but about demonstrating homosexuality is wrong to people who won't accept Islamic sources. Commented Jun 17, 2017 at 7:48

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Assalamualikum brother,

Here is another question on same issue:

Why is homosexuality a sin if Allah made me this way?

I would like to add some more detail to it, the link below provides lot of details on this issue, hope it will be helpful:


And here are some of the logical reasons which i personally know of:

  • Upbringing of children is duty of male and female couple. When only a man has to take care of child, then he will surely lack everything, which a woman has to give to her. Nature had made man and woman to upbring children as duty of both parents(make and female), but if any one of them is missing,then family will not remain stable

  • Homosexuality is NOT genetic, its a choice. if it had been genetic then we wont see a single gay becoming straight, and scientific community to agree that its NOT genetic

  • Homosexuals have high level of diseases, just because they do it from behind, which place is dirty and by nature its NOT made for this purpose. So when we go against nature, then we face only destruction. Majority of gays have AIDS as well in world.

  • Homosexuals can NEVER enjoy the pleasure of becoming an ACTUAL/Biological father.

More reasons here:


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    Your second and third points are total bunk. AIDS prevalence outside of Africa is not high enough to account for even 1/4 of gay men...and within Africa, sufferers are more likely to be straight than gay. Promiscuity is the real issue. Homosexuality happens to be very easy to blame, because it's rife with promiscuity...but the irony is, that's religion's own fault. What do you expect when any trace of a committed homosexual relationship may be evidence of a crime?
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    And "it's a choice" is inherently self-defeating. Evidence: Imagine yourself having sex with another man. The very thought probably repulses you on an instinctive, subconscious level, as it does with any straight man -- and even if you fought those instincts and went ahead with it, they would keep you from enjoying it. Why, then, would anyone choose it? How would it even be an option, unless their sexual instincts were differently wired?
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  • Another aspect of this question would be that whether homosexuality is punishable if practiced by Non-Muslims within an Islamic society? Pardon me if the answer to this is obvious, but as a commoner, I understand that Non-Muslims are punished according to their own beliefs for the sins. For example, a Non-Muslim cannot be forced to stop drinking or distribute inheritance by Islamic laws or stop receiving dowry etc. I believe this is relevant to this post because if Non-Muslims are punished base upon their belief then this answers the posted question.
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    @yawar: The thing is, if one assumes we were created, then the question of instinct vs conscious choice becomes a big deal. To punish someone for the way they were created is to assume that the creator made a mistake.
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    @yawar: It also runs you right smack into an inconsistency also inherent to most if not all of the Abrahamic religions. If there is no compulsion in religion, if we must freely choose to follow that path or not, then humans' punishment of sin (particularly with penalties as severe as death) is a sin in itself.
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