I happened to visit a Islamic website 99 Names of ALLAH(swt) recently, and it had listed all the names of ALLAH (swt), with all the names there is a certain WAZIFA or say certain recitations, that if a certain name is recited 100 times then this benefit will happen.

For example : If a person recites Ar-Rehman 100 times then he will get sharp memory.

Is there any validity to this practice? In particular, can anyone provide me with some authentic ahadith or any reference in Al-Quran regarding it?

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No. Those are pure fabrications most probably based on Jewish mythology. Quran doesn't support that. But thinking about them does benefit you.You should contemplate on them instead. Look 3:191, 4:103. You don't have to learn or memorize them in Arabic. You should learn their meanings instead. Look 17:110. Think about them in the context of surahs and try to connect the meaning of the beautiful name with the story told in the surah. For further reading I recommend the book Exploring Islam In A New Light by Abdur RAb. You can buy the ebook online.

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