As per my reading I do not find any occurance of the word "Tarawih" in hadith literature , was such a word known at the time of Prophet pbuh or is it that Taraweeh is just a special name given to the Tahajjud Prayer in Ramdan.

  • According to this yahoo answer, they are the same except that you can still offer tahajjad after taraweeh. The conditions are a little bit different for the two. For Tahajjud you are suppose to sleep first then offer prayer, for taraweeh it is not.
    – muslim1
    Jul 11, 2013 at 4:58

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Tarwiha, the singular of Tarawih, refers to the period of rest between every four rakat of the prayer. Salat at-Tarawih was so-named because of these rests, which differentiated it from the normal Salat at-Tahajjud.

As far as I know, Salat at-Tarawih is the same as Salat at-Tahajjud, only performed earlier and with frequent rests to make it easier on the people during Ramadan.

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