I've seen it transliterated into English as ma'ili which supposedly means "inclined" or "slanting." I'm looking for the Arabic word. Is it مائلي?

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  • @Sazid The picture shows verses 18 to 29 of Surat al-Maa'idah, starting with "[The Jews] and the Christians said we are the children of God and His beloved ones..." (verse 18) to "I want you to carry my sins and your sins..." (29). – Ikram Hawramani Jun 28 '13 at 4:02

It is written مائل (maa'il) in Arabic, which does indeed mean slanted. Another name for this early script is حجازي‎ (hijazi) in reference to it originating from the Hijaz region of the Arabian Peninsula.

Later Quranic manuscripts switched to Kufic which is a reference to the city of Kufa in Iraq where it was first developed.

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