Hello I just have one question I'm an american who grew up not knowing any other language except for english is it okay if I read the english Quran

I would like to know if I can read the english version of the Quran since I don't know much arabic


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Salaam alaykum

Usually yes. Its okey for every muslim to understand what Quran says in any language they know. So this is the basics of translation.

But you should know 2 points:

  1. Nobody should do prayer in any language but arabic.
  2. Arabic is a really full language with many many interesting rules which makes all words and sentences meaningful in Quran.

Because of these 2 reasons, we advice you to start learning arabic. You can learn arabic Quran with listening Qara'ats (singing) to use in your prayers. But its very good to learn the arabic besides of Quran to understand Quran very much better.


Salaam alaikum

Yes, it is permissible for you to read a translation of the Quran in English outside of prayer and Allah knows best.

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