I do suffer from urology issues which im getting medical tests for but no results yet. i dont think i fit the criteria of an excused person.

Also i always have vaginal discharge of the normal amount nothing excessive as i believe the vagina is a moist organ.

After im done urinating i still get urine leaks so i wait until im reasonaby sure its done. I even squat 3 to 4 times and evertime a bit of urine comes out. Then i wash up and make wudu. When praying sometimes i feel like im leaking or feel a gush of liquid or just general wetness. I cant be sure whether its urine or vaginal discharge. So i continue with prayers both fard and sunnah. I am anxious all throughout the prayers and have constant doubts. When i finish praying i check. Sometimes theres a colourless wet stain. Othertimes theres no stain at all.

I usually wear a panty liner but as a test decided to not wear it once time. In the first rakat i had the leaking feeling. I ignored it and continued with all prayers. After finishing I checked and yep there is a wet stain. Like i said before im not sure if its urine or just normal discharge.I even smelled the stain and i just couldnt be sure. I went to wash off and i did pass some urine.

I do have the issue of having the urge to urinate almost everytime i sit on the toilet to wash off discharge. Almost each time i urinate a little bit so its a hassle to keep washing even.

I do suffer from waswasa but i try to ignore it. But it is very difficult to ignore as i am hyper aware during prayers about this leaking sensation and seeing a stain afterwards when i check.

Will my prayers be valid if i just continue praying and ignore the leaking? Jazakallah Khair.

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I can just give you clue of a similar problem, waswasa. Long time ago I had a problem with reciting the holy Qur'an, Whenever I recite each word, I repeated 3-4 times because of the sense that I recited it wrong and this did not allow me to recite properly. it would take me more than an hour to recite a single para. Then I asked the Imam of my masjid, he told me that it is just satisfaction, if you think you are reciting it wrong, you'll not get satisfied for reciting it correct for the first too and then you'll repeat again. Ignore this thought and then you'll be fluent. After a week I was fluent and now I recite it correctly in the first go.

Similar can be your case, or it can be solely psychological. Our mind has a great control on our body. If you think of the urine/discharge as soon as you stand to pray, you'll definitely get one.

For such problems, you should ask some valid scholar, mufti recommended. No one here can give you a clear go.

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