My problem is whenever I go to washroom I have misgivings that is I do my istinja and come out of from the washroom..but in a while I forget whether if I have done my istinja or not ..so I get anxious and wash my whole body,cloths and the place where I sat, so afterwards I came into a decision that I take small things into washroom and keeps it as the proof that I did my istinja....so this made be so troublesome so that if I miss those things I come into a conclusion that I didn't do my istinja after urinating...is urine a major impurity? So that if we didn't do istinja will we be getting sins?...and my question is do I need to take signs or things to proof that I did my istinja for Everytime I pass urine?

Secondly I have extreme waswas on my purity of my clothing.. that is If iam unsure about the purity of my cloths can I wear it? And how do we identify a cloth is pure or impure....?and is it a must to change my cloths each day?

These waswasas making my life miserable and a big hindrance to my Salah,studies and all the act of worship...I am going to do my O/L this may 2024 ..but due to this i couldn't concentrate on my studies... The prayers I pray with extreme doubt..will it be accepted? And many Hafiz they say me to ignore the waswas ...but if I ignore the waswas will my prayer be accepted?I really want to overcome this question waswas but my heart is hesitating to do and fall into shaytans trap... really iam hoping for the best..and I really trust in Allah that he would rescue me from this...and last two months + this month iam really wasting lots of water for my istinja and to purify myself...and one more problem ... that is ..I have to go to washroom when someone should have gone and come to ensure the water is coming out from the tap....if not if iam the first person to go ..I get anxious that the water did not come...what to do for my problems..I really want myself again and please include me in your valuable duas to get 9A's InshaAllah and May Allah rescue everyone from these waswasas ....and please suggest me a solution as soon as possible so that may Allah make you among the members of jannathul firdows Ameen! 🥺

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This is a case of OCD Shaytan is literally playing with you stop pleasing him inshallah

  • What can I do to overcome this waswasas beside ignoring
    – Fathima
    Apr 5 at 15:20
  • Do your adhkar morning and evening Read lots or more quran Have khushoor in salah As for the whispers relating to purity, do your level best but do not go over board and ignore doubts, accept that you tried best and that will be sufficient inshallah azzawajal. And Allah knows best Apr 5 at 17:50

Please take a look at these articles. Allah does not require His servants to be in this much hardship with purity. It may be helpful for you to note that something is only considered impure when you are fully sure about it. These articles will provide more support Inshallah.



For some more information about istinja and how it works, which you also asked about, please see:


By increasing your understanding about how Islam approaches purity, inshallah it will help a lot.

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