I would like to know whether my ghusl steps are correct:

  1. Say Bismillah
  2. Wash hands 3 times
  3. Wash whole body and privates (like a normal shower with soap and shampoo)
  4. Wudu
  5. Pour water on head 3 times
  6. Pour water on right side 3 times
  7. Pour water on left side 3 times
  8. Ensure water reaches all parts outside of body the best i can

*i do not rinse mouth or nose at anytime as i was taught it was the outside that needs to be washed

  • Um not really. I guess my main question was it it ok to do step3. Whether i should wash my entire body before wudu. Because i learned recently that one must take a full shower before or after ghusl as ghusl itself is a seperate bath. I am abit confused about that because i was taught steps as in my question.And is ghusl valid if one doesnt wash mouth and nose. I updated my question. Thankyou for your response.
    – user60063
    Commented Apr 5 at 13:05

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no, mouth and nose must be washed or wudu must be made after bath in order to be able to pray