What are the rules in Islam regarding entering a non-Muslim place of worship? Is it always permitted? Always forbidden? Permitted in certain circumstances? Does it matter whether the location is a place of worship for a monotheistic or polytheistic religion?

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While there is nothing in the Qur'an forbidding it, it has been reported that the prophet refused to enter the Kaa'ba before ordering the pictures therein obliterated.

The Hanafi opinion is that since such places attract shayateen — especially if they contain prohibited images — entering them is makruh tahrim. Without a compelling reason to enter, one should avoid doing so.

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    So what if there are shayateen? When they hear of Islamic salat they will run away (if you believe in a particular hadith). It has no effect to a pious Muslim, especially when he is praying.
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    Should also go by "why"-- if on some religious intentions or while there's some ritual being held inside, I wouldn't feel comfortable being on either side. otherwise, I don't see anything wrong as long as done with respect on both sides.
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