After completing Esha salah in congregation I came out from the mosque. Then I started to have doubt about my Tasleem. I am having a feeling that I haven't completed Tasleem. Should I repeat my salah? What to do in this kind of situation?

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Six cases of doubts are such that these can be ignored. Prayer does not become invalid in the event of these doubts.

  1. Doubts after having finished the prayer.
  2. Doubt after passing of the event. For example while in sajdah, to doubt having missed ruku’.
  3. Doubt after the time has passed. For example, doubt at the time of Maghrib whether the ‘Asr prayer was offered or not.
  4. People having doubtful natures. Such persons doubt about everything. So they can be doubtful about prayer also. They must ignore their doubts.
  5. Doubt either by an Imam (one who leads the prayer) or a ma’mum (the follower of the Imam in prayer). In this case the Imam may be sure of his performance but the ma’mum is doubtful or vice versa. In such case whoever is in doubt will follow the one who is sure.
  6. Doubt during a sunnat (non-obligatory) prayer, or in Salat al-ihtiyat.


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