I was listening to an islamic lecture about the battle of khaybar; and it was said that the Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wa sallam ordered that all the men of khaybar should be killed, and all the women and children should be sold into slavery. I know that the Jews had betrayed the Prophet (and conspired with the enemies), but surely not everyone was guilty and there were some of them who were innocent. So, is collective punishment accepted in islam?!

  • Does this answer your question? Does islam allow killing or enslaving civilians in war?
    – UmH
    Feb 11 at 5:34
  • My question is specifically about collective punishment, punishing a whole community for the actions of a few (their leaders). If it is acceptable, then we can't be consistent and blame Israel for their collective punishment...?
    – layla.z
    Feb 11 at 5:42
  • And the linked post answers your question. Any male adult harbi disbeliever can be killed in war and any harbi disbliever can be enslaved. Whether or not they are leaders or commoners is irrelevant. And whether or not they have hand in betrayal is also irrelevant. What is relevant is kufr.
    – UmH
    Feb 11 at 6:02
  • So I mean israelis say if we don't kill the people of Gaza, they'll come and kill us; so it's like punishing the whole population for the actions of a few, or for something that they haven't done yet, right? and we say that's immoral. But if islam teaches something similar, then we can't say that they're immoral. You see what I mean? that's my quandary.
    – layla.z
    Feb 11 at 6:32
  • Salam I have seen your question and insha Allah I will answer it and clear any misconceptions you have either by tomorrow or by Tuesday at the latest.
    – Student
    Feb 11 at 20:20


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