Assalamu alaykum my brothers, I've been surfing the internet about if it's halal to draw such human images with facial expressions, but I don't know if some facial expressions such as 2 pixels representing an eye of a character permissible or not, Since they're some simple pixels that don't come with the advanced tiered drawings of advanced eyes (Example: the image below). Also is it permissible to make my character completely animated? In addition, some say that it's permissible to draw In virtual (Computers) and not in reality.
To sum up, is it permissible to draw a character such as the image below with SIMPLE facial expressions? is it fine if the character doesn't come close to a real human being? Jazak'umullah khairan..

Frisk from undertale

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Bismihi ta'ala

There would be no problem with drawing or painting. Such an art is a valued talent and indeed must be appreciated.

A problem would arise if:

  1. You are making full sculptures of humans or animals. If it is something that has a "soul", then it is not permitted to make a sculpture of it.

  2. It is a promoting of anything that represents any deviancy, immorality, or anything un-Islamic.

And Allah knows best.


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