I’m 28 years old female. My father was involved in haram things when i was in teen age. But my mother always hide from relatives. my childhood destroyed by seeing their fights and haram things. When i took admission in university everyone was against that because my father had not enough money for my education. Somehow I start providing tuition along with online work. And graduated with good grades. At that time i was 24. Right time to get married according to society. But my parents weren’t interested in it at all. And then they started lying with relatives. That our daughter is characterless and don’t have manners to talk to anyone. And much more stuff like this in 4 years. My mental health disturbed very badly but i only connect with Allah pak. they are still not searching proposal for me. I involved myself in 10 hours of work just to stay busy. Now my question is should i still respect and talk to them normally. As I never feel secure with them i never feel like i have parents at my back. Help me how to take myself out mentally from this trauma.


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